Just keep digging, James. Thanks.

Wow. Hillary Clinton and James Carville are truly out of touch…

The Chickens Come Home to Roost for Hillary (and James Carville)

Who is James Carville damaging most with his blundering fundraising pitch – his candidate, his party, or his network? His line – “Hillary won’t back down, and we’ve got her back” – is the perfect holographic image of everything that is wrong with her candidacy. It wraps self-centeredness, poor judgment, and political tone-deafness into nine compact words.

It’s Louis XIV politics – “le parti, c’est moi” – combined with Marie Antoinette selfishness. And it’s certainly helpful to be reminded that Hillary’s the type of politician who “won’t back down” when they make a bad decision. Just what we need: Another politician who’s too stubborn to admit they were wrong. As if eight years of the last one wasn’t enough.

Well done, James. Now go home.

And what on earth makes James Carville think that even Hillary supporters want to look at his mug on an ad. That man is so full of himself, it’s almost amusing.

I recommend reading the rest of the commentary by R.J. Eskow, here.

Hillary, Skeletor…you are so going to get your asses handed to you.

P.S. Molly sent us.


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