Hey Hillary! Once you go Black…

March 6, 2007

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To do this strip, I listen and read a LOT of right wing crap and yesterday’s painful brush with idiocy was with Rush Limbaugh.

I heard Hillary’s clip from Selma during her rendition from Cleveland’s hymn. It sounded so atrocious and fake, I thought it was a satire piece from Limbaugh’s production staff – it almost sounded like Whoopie Goldberg in A Color Purple. It wasn’t until later yesterday when I realized, it was a real recording.

Holy crap! It was like she was trying out for Spielberg. It wasn’t a Southern accent, I can detect those, this sounded to me like a slave accent.

Yes, I know Hillary spent 17 long years in Arkansas, but surely, she would have a passable Southern accent by now. Ya know?


A Black Theology of Liberation

March 3, 2007

Via Crooks and Liars:

Obama’s Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, goes on Hannity & Colmes to slap down Hannity’s implied slur of Trinity United Church of Christ’s doctrine. When was the last time you saw Hannity not be able to get a word in edgewise?

Hannity kept trying to nail Dr. Wright about how talk of a Black Value System sounds separatist. Wright informed him that the church grew out of the Liberation Theology movement. Every time Hannity tried to press him about how it doesn’t sound nice to say Black instead of all of us together, Wright asked Hannity what he knows about Liberation Theology, and how many of Cone’s books he has read. Hannity kept saying that he went to seminary, but Wright pressed him, saying “That’s not what I asked you.” So Hannity accused him of being “angry” and getting upset.

By the way, you know what “angry” means in this context, right? It means you’re insisting on stating your case rather than “assuming the position”.

Anyway, I haven’t read any of them either, but, unlike Hannity, I’m actually curious about such things. So here’s one of the many books Sean Hannity has *not* read…

A Black Theology of Liberation by James H. Cone

There’s also a summary of the ideas espoused by Trinity United Church of Christ here.

An Inconvenient Truth wins the Oscar

February 26, 2007

W00t! An Inconvenient Truth wins the Oscar for best documentary.

Sunday, Gore used the Oscar win not to further his political career but to boost his campaign to find solutions for global warming and other environmental problems.

“My fellow Americans,” Gore said to laughter from the crowd. “People all over the world, we need to solve the climate crisis. It’s not a political issue, it’s a moral issue. We have everything we need to get started with the possible will to act. That’s a renewable resource. Let’s renew it.”

“It is the overriding world challenge of our time,” Gore said. “I really hope the decision by the academy to honor the work by director Davis Guggenheim and these producers will convince people who did not go see it before to see the movie and learn about the climate crisis and become a part of the solution.”

You can see the video of his acceptance speech at Crooks and Liars, as well as Melissa Etheridge’s performance of “I Need to Wake Up”, which won the Oscar for Best Song.

That statue is going to look great in the Oval Office…

Cat herding

February 25, 2007

Booman posts “What are we trying to do?”

As I see it, Daily Kos and Jerome Armstrong have not articulated a goal that has any synergy with my goals. We still have a huge amount of common interests. But I am primarily interested in shifting the debate to the left, while they seem to be interested in boxing in the netroots into traditionally acceptable parameters of debate.

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Just keep digging, James. Thanks.

February 24, 2007

Wow. Hillary Clinton and James Carville are truly out of touch…

The Chickens Come Home to Roost for Hillary (and James Carville)

Who is James Carville damaging most with his blundering fundraising pitch – his candidate, his party, or his network? His line – “Hillary won’t back down, and we’ve got her back” – is the perfect holographic image of everything that is wrong with her candidacy. It wraps self-centeredness, poor judgment, and political tone-deafness into nine compact words.

It’s Louis XIV politics – “le parti, c’est moi” – combined with Marie Antoinette selfishness. And it’s certainly helpful to be reminded that Hillary’s the type of politician who “won’t back down” when they make a bad decision. Just what we need: Another politician who’s too stubborn to admit they were wrong. As if eight years of the last one wasn’t enough.

Well done, James. Now go home.

And what on earth makes James Carville think that even Hillary supporters want to look at his mug on an ad. That man is so full of himself, it’s almost amusing.

I recommend reading the rest of the commentary by R.J. Eskow, here.

Hillary, Skeletor…you are so going to get your asses handed to you.

P.S. Molly sent us.

Okay, I’m officially “not amused”

February 23, 2007

After checking out this video (opens in Real Player) that floridagal pointed out, I’m not in a “popcorn” mood any more. She writes

Please watch the C-Span video from 2005 where the head of the 527, David Jones is talking about taking out Howard Dean. He kept saying their goal was to take Dean out.

Jones appears at 2:57 minutes in and again at 3:20. It is truly alarming.

If you can’t view the video, check out How Beltway Democrats Sank Howard Dean, which includes much of the same information.

Click here for the “Contact Us” page on Barack Obama’s web site, if you’d like to politely point out to Senator Obama that hiring someone like Robert Gibbs, who worked as a spokesperson for a 527 organization whose sole purpose was “taking out” Howard Dean from the flies in the face of his claims that he wants to “change the tone” in politics.

Update: More on this group in madfloridian’s journal at Democratic Underground and this article at Center for Public Integrity: Political Mugging in America Anatomy of an “independent” smear campaign.

Why I’m glad I haven’t picked a candidate yet

February 22, 2007

Via skippy, I found this piece at Time Magazine’s blog Swampland…

But yesterday’s praise (some of it in comments here) for the Obama campaign’s rapid response is souring as word spreads around the net that the architect of that rapid response, Robert Gibbs, comes with some baggage. He was the spokesman for “Americans for Jobs, Health Care and Progressive Values,” the group behind an anti-Dean ad you might remember:

Click for more. Oh. That ad. Yes, as someone who first became involved in politics because of the Dean campaign, I certainly remember the way the other Democrats ganged up on him. That ad was the sort of thing we expected from the Karl Rove–not from fellow Democrats.

I’d probably be really unhappy about this if I was really excited about Obama as a candidate. I don’t dislike him the way I dislike Hillary, but I’m not exactly sold on him either.

Maybe I’ll just make some popcorn, kick back, and watch with detached amusement while all of the candidates who are not Al Gore tear each other to pieces.

And root beer. Think I’ll go get me a root beer too.