Steve Gilliard Update

March 9, 2007

Via The News Blog:
Update on Gilly: Not out of the woods yet

Gilly will be under sedation at least through the weekend. Why? Well, the surgery was more delicate than they thought, and they are afraid to put any pressure on his chest–so they didn’t close it. So now, he’s pretty much in sterile, suspended storage with an open chest cavity (something else covering the wound I suppose) until they can check his healing and stitch him up. They hope to close him up by Monday the latest.

What he had done: Gilly’s Mom was too distraught to really get the details. Apparently they did wind up doing the bypass in the end, but she’s still not sure if they did the valve repair or replacement (and if a replacement, if he got a xeno or a Jarvis part).

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Light a virtual candle for Steve Gilliard

Steve Gilliard out of surgery

March 8, 2007

Via skippy, blogger Steve Gilliard is out of surgery. Light a virtual candle for Steve’s speedy recovery here.

Imported posts

March 7, 2007

I finally got the importer to work, and have been able to import posts from the mirror site. But they all show up as being by me. When I get a chance, I’ll have to go in and add a byline to those posts, to make it clearer which ones are by another author. No time to do that now, so I’m just giving a heads-up.

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High Praise for My Left Wing

March 6, 2007

Just spotted this diary at My Left Wing.

My Left Wing Earns High Praise

…CJ emailed me today to let me know that My Left Wing had caught the eye of Cyrano’s Journal Online and wanted to tell me how much appreciation there was thereabouts for MLW.

Featured Writers of CJO:

Gore Vidal (Emeritus), Noam Chomsky, Alex Cockburn, Uri Avnery, Michael Parenti, Glen Ford, Edward Herman, Stephen Gowans, Ernest Stewart, John Steppling, Guy Zimmerman, Jason Miller, James Petras , Sheila Samples, Robert Parry, Phil Rockstroh, Bruce Dixon, Danny Schechter, Ilan Pappe, Carolyn Baker, Slavoj Zizek, Margaret Kimberley, Stephen Lendman Charles Sullivan

Click to read all the nice things they have to say about My Left Wing. Very cool.