Hey Hillary! Once you go Black…

March 6, 2007

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To do this strip, I listen and read a LOT of right wing crap and yesterday’s painful brush with idiocy was with Rush Limbaugh.

I heard Hillary’s clip from Selma during her rendition from Cleveland’s hymn. It sounded so atrocious and fake, I thought it was a satire piece from Limbaugh’s production staff – it almost sounded like Whoopie Goldberg in A Color Purple. It wasn’t until later yesterday when I realized, it was a real recording.

Holy crap! It was like she was trying out for Spielberg. It wasn’t a Southern accent, I can detect those, this sounded to me like a slave accent.

Yes, I know Hillary spent 17 long years in Arkansas, but surely, she would have a passable Southern accent by now. Ya know?


Saturday Morning Political Cartoon

March 3, 2007

See it here first, a preview of today’s “Saturday Morning Political Cartoon.” It’s a regular Daily Kos feature, or at least a few of us cartoonits want it to be, if we can get some support. Posted every Saturday between 9 and 10 am. Today, I will try to post at 10.

Today’s cartoon is a rerun from October of ’05, because I love it when I’m right. The ‘toon disappeared off the radar screen back then, but the Libby trial just might make it relevant again.

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