Stop Big Media

March 9, 2007

From the Stop Big Media blog, Columbus Speaks Out Against Consolidation:

Nearly 400 people packed into the Broad Street Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Ohio Wednesday night to testify for more than four hours about the threat of sweeping changes to the nation’s media ownership rules.

“I’m ready to play offense,” said Democratic Commissioner Michael Copps. “So let’s talk this evening about more than just preventing bad new rules, but about revisiting the bad old rules that got us into this mess in the first place. Let’s talk about actually bringing back positive public interest obligations to our broadcast media.”

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A Black Theology of Liberation

March 3, 2007

Via Crooks and Liars:

Obama’s Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, goes on Hannity & Colmes to slap down Hannity’s implied slur of Trinity United Church of Christ’s doctrine. When was the last time you saw Hannity not be able to get a word in edgewise?

Hannity kept trying to nail Dr. Wright about how talk of a Black Value System sounds separatist. Wright informed him that the church grew out of the Liberation Theology movement. Every time Hannity tried to press him about how it doesn’t sound nice to say Black instead of all of us together, Wright asked Hannity what he knows about Liberation Theology, and how many of Cone’s books he has read. Hannity kept saying that he went to seminary, but Wright pressed him, saying “That’s not what I asked you.” So Hannity accused him of being “angry” and getting upset.

By the way, you know what “angry” means in this context, right? It means you’re insisting on stating your case rather than “assuming the position”.

Anyway, I haven’t read any of them either, but, unlike Hannity, I’m actually curious about such things. So here’s one of the many books Sean Hannity has *not* read…

A Black Theology of Liberation by James H. Cone

There’s also a summary of the ideas espoused by Trinity United Church of Christ here.